UKHSA adopts new case management system to support health threat response

The UK Health Security Agency will be deploying a system called Maven, developed by Conduent, as its primary platform for case, outbreak and incident management.

Initially the Case and Incident Management System (CIMS) platform will be used to track and monitor acute respiratory infections, including Covid-19, but will expand its use for case and incident management of other communicable diseases and health hazards by winter 2022.

The delivery of the new CIMS platform is seen as key to maintaining the UK’s excellent track record in dealing with health protection situations and events, and will enable the UKHSA to better monitor, identify and respond to health threats.

Dr William Welfare Pan-Regional Director UKHSA"Throughout this pandemic, it has been critical for us to rapidly and effectively detect and track COVID-19, share information, and respond to protect the public," said Dr William Welfare, Pan-Regional Director at UKHSA. "Investing in state-of-the-art technologies, such as Conduent’s Maven, will modernise our surveillance, case and incident management capabilities keeping us at the forefront of health protection."

Maven has been in use globally for public health infectious disease cases and incident management for over 18 years. The platform is currently used by approximately 40 organisations around the world.

Since the flu pandemic in 2009, the current system has been a vital tool in public health management. It has been a critical part of England’s public health management capabilities, enabling teams across the country to manage cases, identify outbreaks and work with local partners to deliver public health interventions.

However, since its deployment there have been significant advancements in technology that are now available in the market. The new system will deliver in-house configurability providing greater autonomy, advanced integration capability, greater efficiency in data entry and centralised reporting functionality as well as streamlined workflows and many other features.

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