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Greener Government

This exclusive research from Government Transformation Magazine and Kin + Carta, surveyed over 100 Digital, Data and Technology (DDaT) leaders in central government departments to shed light on levels of preparedness for decarbonising government.   

Download now to accelerate your understanding of the challenges and practical solutions your public actor peers are tackling on the route to net zero.

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Government Transformation Playbook 2022

What does the future of Government Transformation look like? We've collected insights from 50+ senior Civil Service leaders in this essential guide to revolutionising your organisation.  

Download now to accelerate your own organisation's transformation programme by learning from your peers.

The Government Data Playbook

The Government Data Playbook

Use this playbook to make your own government organisation more efficient and effective. It includes tips from our community of experts who know how digital, data and technology can help you get things done faster, and with better results for citizens.

Download now and change the way you see the future of the public sector!

Government Transformation Trends 2022 (1)

Report: Government Transformation Trends for 2022

What’s next for government transformation after another year of rapid change? GovX Digital's GM for Government, David Wilde, identifies 8 major trends set to shape the public sector in 2022.

Download our exclusive report to discover how the sector is set to be transformed in 2022

What is public sector transformation

Guide: What is Government Transformation?

This guide explains the key principles of government and public sector transformation that can help everyone - whether they’re public servants or commercial partners - work in more effective ways to deliver improved outcomes for the citizens we’re here to help.

Discover how technology, processes and capabilities are being transformed by the most innovative public sector organisations.

How does the public sector use data

Guide: How does Government and the public sector use data?

In this essential guide to data-powered government, we'll explore the evolution of data-driven policy-making, explaining what it takes to make the most of the opportunity and identify five key pillars that should be in place to deliver effective, data-driven government policy and decisions.

Also includes UK and international case studies of data best practice in action.

Document Accessibility in Local Government

Report: Document Accessibility in Local Government

Document Accessibility in Local Government is a deep-dive research report exploring best practice and levels of compliance in the way that unitary, county and district governments publish information to support citizen engagement - and the challenges faced by their records, compliance and IT teams.

eBook_ Government Transformation Playbook

Playbook: How to transform the UK public sector

GovX Digital 2020 brought together hundreds of public sector leaders to explore every aspect of public sector transformation. From leadership and culture, to data and digital services, our expert panels dissected the topics that are transforming government - in the UK and around the world.

The playbook sketches out the key takeaways from 13 of our most powerful sessions. They combine to provide a 360-degree view of the knowledge that public sector leaders and their teams need for 2021 and beyond.

5 Steps to Government Transformation

Enrol: 5 Steps to Government Transformation

Whether you’re about to start or have already embarked on your Government Transformation journey - we’re excited to share some ideas and tips to support your progress.

You’ll receive our breakdown of the Five Essential Steps to Government Transformation - along with practical suggestions for implementing them. Sent straight to your inbox over the course of 5 days - making your learning easy to digest, and giving you time to put each learning into practice.

GovX Digital Book club

Explore: GovX Digital Book Club

If you're going to be successful professionally and personally, you're going to need to read a lot of books. But which books?

To help us get through (multiple) lockdowns, we asked the members of the GovX Digital community to share their book recommendations with us - and the suggestions do not disappoint. Beyond the practical benefits of these recommended reads - we also think they're a fascinating collective insight into what the public sector is thinking about. We're encouraged by what we see.

Guide: Beyond Accessibility - Understanding how to truly create access for all

Guide: Beyond Accessibility - Understanding how to truly create access for all

A downloadable guide to the key accessibility questions to ask yourself and your team.

Series: Sensing Change - The critical need for Organisational Agility

Series: Sensing Change - The critical need for Organisational Agility

This 4-part series by Domain7 is an accessible but insightful introduction to the core elements of organisational agility, and includes a summary PDF cheat-sheet.