Enfuce and allpay partner to modernise UK public sector payments

Enfuce, a Finnish fintech company, has partnered with allpay Limited, a prominent UK payment solutions provider, to integrate secure, cloud-based card payment systems into various public sector services across the UK, including local councils.

Enfuce and allpay partner to modernise public sector payments


Allpay, known for its extensive payment services in the public and social housing sectors, offers a range of payment solutions, including direct debit, internet, credit, debit, cash, and prepaid cards.

The partnership with Enfuce aims to enhance the security and reliability of these payment systems, thereby improving the overall payment experience for customers.

The partnership comes at a crucial time as the public sector faces significant financial losses due to fraud and error, amounting to approximately £33.2 billion annually, according to a report by the National Audit Office.

Enfuce’s team of fraud and dispute management experts will provide allpay with comprehensive measures to minimise fraud and compliance risks. Their 24/7 fraud prevention system includes continuous monitoring, portfolio analysis, thorough fraud reporting, and proficient second-line support. Enfuce’s PCI-DSS certified platform guarantees 99.999% uptime, offering a secure and reliable environment crucial for handling sensitive public sector transactions.

Since its UK launch in 2022, Enfuce has established partnerships with significant companies, such as SME lending platform Funding Circle and neo-banking start-up Science Card. These collaborations have enhanced corporate credit card offerings and supported small businesses and scientific research initiatives.

The new partnership between allpay and Enfuce is expected to bring substantial improvements to the public sector payment landscape by offering secure, reliable, and efficient payment solutions. This integration aims to provide consumers with peace of mind, ensuring that payments are processed seamlessly and securely.

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