Indonesia launches new GovTech agency to spearhead digital services

Indonesia's President Joko Widodo this week announced the launch of GovTech - a new government agency to spearhead digital transformation in the 275 million population country. This follows in the footsteps of neighbouring Singapore which established a digital services agency of the same name back in 2016.

New GovTech agency launched by Indonesia


Much like the original mandate for the UK's trailblazing Government Digital Service - GovTech aims to promote the take-up of digital services across the public sector, and accelerate the consolidation of them into a single platform which will be called INA Digital.

INA Digital, unveiled this week, represents a significant step in Indonesia’s government transformation, by using  a unified digital ID system to enable streamlined access to government services.

The platform aims to address long-standing issues of interoperability and inefficiency within the government.

Bey Machmudin, Deputy for Protocol, Press, and Media of the Presidential Secretariat, emphasised that INA Digital will facilitate more efficient public service delivery by integrating multiple government databases and systems. This integration aims to ensure that citizens can access services seamlessly, reducing bureaucratic hurdles and improving the overall user experience.

Key features of INA Digital include a comprehensive digital ID system, enhanced security measures for data protection, and advanced analytics capabilities to support decision-making processes. The platform is designed to be user-friendly, ensuring that even those with limited digital literacy can benefit from its services.

This initiative aligns with Indonesia’s broader digital transformation goals, aiming to position the country as a leader in digital governance in the region. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and fostering collaboration among various government agencies, INA Digital is set to drive significant improvements in service delivery and public sector efficiency.


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