Measuring the progress of user-centered design in public services

How do data management priorities differ between senior management and junior staff? How should government departments balance employee experience with citizen experience?

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These are some of the fundamental questions addressed in Government Transformation Magazine's and Adobe’s new research report, State of Digital Government: User First? Realigning Priorities in the Public Sector.

Backed by quantitative research, case studies and interviews with government leaders from across the Cabinet Office, Government Digital Service and Ministry of Justice, some of the key findings include:

  • 49.1% of Directors say that Data, Data Governance, and Structuring Data is their “digital priority”

  • 36% of Directors say that User-Centric Design is a bigger priority than Budget or Policy

  • 50.4% of all respondents spend more than 40% of their time and budget on maintaining legacy technology

If you’re wondering how others are tackling technology debt, ​​creating a seamless data-sharing environment or deciding on a design philosophy that enables digital service transformation, explore our findings by clicking the banner below.

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