Government on track to reach 85% gigabit coverage by 2025

£1.3 billion worth of gigabit-capable broadband has now been brought to over 780,000 hard-to-reach premises across the UK, setting the government on track to meet the 85% coverage milestone by 2025.

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Since December 2023, gigabit broadband coverage in the UK increased to 81% with 15 £714 million contracts being signed to support coverage to 31 local and regional Project Gigabit contracts and delivering broadband to up to 370,000 new premises.

Julia Lopez MP cropped‘These contracts represent a substantial investment in future-proof full fibre networks that will benefit the nation, whether that’s through more efficient workplaces, the elimination of buffering at home or high-quality digital healthcare solutions for those who need them,' said Julia Lopez MP, Minister for Data and Digital Infrastructure. 'With a total of 31 contracts now signed, valued at over £1.3 billion, we can be proud of the huge strides we are making towards building a more prosperous, more productive, gigabit-powered nation.’

The Department for Education’s Schools Gigabit Connectivity Project has also awarded contracts to connect 800 primary schools in England that have not been reached through the commercial roll out. The Project will help students and teachers access the latest educational digital technology.

‘Many classrooms have already been transformed by gigabit connections, including through our Gigahubs programme which delivered upgrades to more than 1200 schools and colleges across the country,’ the Minister continued.

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