Derby City Council extends generative AI project

Derby City Council is going to increase the use of AI to transform parts of its  public services.  

The local authority has announced an expansion of a pilot partnership with  ICS.AI, which saw the Council adopt phone-based AI customer service in 2023 to test how AI could help the local authority improve its most critical service areas.

The Council has agreed to extend this collaboration with a four-year, £7 million contract for the next phase of AI expansion into other service areas, including Adult Social Care, Customer Services, and Debt Recovery, using ICS.AI's SMART Copilot AI platform. 

This strategic expansion is not just about enhancing service efficiency but providing more complex and nuanced interactions with residents, ensuring a more responsive and personalised service experience, the Council said. 

It has been estimated that the initiative could provide the council with £12.25 million per year in savings. This financial impact underscores the potential of AI to deliver not only enhanced services but drastically cut costs. 

As Paul Simpson, Chief Executive at Derby City Council, said: “The continued financial challenges in the local government sector mean we must consider how we can operate most efficiently, while continuing to deliver the best service possible. We believe it presents some incredible opportunities, and that used safely and ethically, can help to deliver the best outcomes for our citizens in a more efficient and cost-effective way.”

Martin Neale, CEO of ICS.AI, added: This journey is just the beginning, we are excited to see how these new AI Copilots will redefine service delivery and set new standards in public service innovation.”

Derby City Council said it has future plans to roll out further phases of AI adoption across other service areas. 

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