Norfolk's free workshops to boost online confidence

Residents in Norfolk are being given the opportunity to improve their digital capabilities thanks to a training programme launched by Norfolk County Council. 

A range of workshops designed to get people online are continuing to take place across the county. The project, which is funded by Ofcom, aims to boost digital skills and confidence in accessing online service as part of a push to close the digital exclusion gap. 

The council is offering free drop-in sessions based on three key themes: basic digital skills to enable you to get online, identifying scams and misinformation to stay safe,  and being able to use the internet with confidence to keep you in control.

Residents are also being offered one-to-one support to target training needs. These sessions are free of charge and there is no limit to the number of sessions you can attend.

Residents have to sign up to attend the training sessions, which are held in three of Norfolk’s public libraries: Thetford Library, Great Yarmouth Library and King’s Lynn library. 

Cllr Margaret Dewsbury, cabinet member for communities and partnerships, said: “We’ve been running these courses for a few months now and the feedback we’ve had has been positive. In an ever-increasing digital world, it’s really important that people feel able and confident to access online services, from banking and food shopping, through to identifying scams and understanding what information to trust, these free sessions across the county are a great way to boost your confidence.”

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