Why user experience is the future of public service transformation

The journey to digitally transform the public sector is fundamentally about more than just new technologies; it’s about rethinking the user experience to empower employees to better serve citizens. 

That key theme emerged in the new research report - State of Digital Government - launched by Government Transformation Magazine and Adobe. The report includes exclusive quantitative research supported by interviews and commentary with government leaders, to offer practical insights to support digital service transformation across the UK public sector.

The research suggests the public sector needs to address two key challenges highlighted in the survey: moving away from outdated paper processes and legacy systems, and improving data management and governance.

Outdated practices slow progress and waste resources that could better serve public needs. Transitioning to digital processes and updating old systems is essential for more efficient, responsive services.

Matthew Cain“It’s encouraging to see that the importance of User-Centred Design is clearly understood at all levels in government digital and data teams,” says Matthew Cain, Chief Digital & Information Officer at the Crown Prosecution Service. “Given the importance of the productivity agenda to successive governments, it’s understandable that the employee experience is also high on the agenda. However, we need to avoid losing sight of the broader opportunities for transformation offered by digital – rethinking our value propositions and challenging our structures.”

The need to extricate public sector organisations from the grip of legacy systems requires a fresh look at decisions around cost, scalability, and the potential to enhance user services. Additionally, a unified approach to data management will be crucial for seamless service delivery - yet must be balanced with data privacy and governance concerns.

The public sector’s transformation of the service experience will need to focus on modernising systems, refining data strategies, and treating CX and EX as complementary approaches to delivering better service outcomes. This approach will ensure services are efficient, modern, and aligned with both citizen and employee needs, setting the stage for a responsive public sector ready for the digital age.

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