Transforming Taxation: How Actian empowers the Revenue Commissioners in the Republic of Ireland

In the ever-evolving world of finance and taxation, efficiency and precision are key. The Revenue Commissioners in the Republic of Ireland, affectionately known as Revenue, understand this better than anyone. They collect taxes and duties, manage import and export controls, and administer other tax collection programs. Revenue relies on data systems to handle nearly €80 billion in taxes and duties annually, serving over 2 million taxpayers and 750,000 businesses. 

So, how does Revenue manage this monumental task while ensuring accuracy, scalability, and real-time insights? The answer lies in their partnership with Actian.

The Actian Advantage

  1. Unified Customer View: Actian has helped Revenue create a consolidated view of taxpayers, enhancing their ability to provide better services and improve tax collection efficiency. Having a holistic view of each taxpayer’s interactions with the tax system allows Revenue to streamline its processes and offer more personalised services.

  2. Modernised Infrastructure: Actian seamlessly modernised Revenue’s backend infrastructure without causing any disruptions to its existing systems or processes. This ensured that Revenue could continue its vital operations while continuously innovating using the benefits of Actian’s cutting-edge technology.

  3. Cost Reduction in Investigations and Auditing: One of the most impressive achievements of Actian’s partnership with Revenue is the 20% reduction in costs for case investigations and audits. Actian’s predictive analytics and data-driven insights allow Revenue to refine their targets and focus their efforts where they matter most, saving both time and resources.

  4. Streamlined Tax Filings: Automation, accelerated processing, and analysis of tax filings have improved returns while reducing fraud risk. Actian’s platform allows Revenue to achieve over 25% savings on operational and maintenance costs. This means that more taxpayer money goes toward essential services rather than administrative overhead.

  5. Real-Time Analytics: Actian’s real-time analytics capabilities have revolutionised Revenue’s operations. They can now make data-driven decisions on the fly, responding to changing tax landscapes and economic conditions swiftly and effectively.

Technical Benefits

  1. Vector Processing: Actian enables simultaneous execution of single instructions across multiple data sets, greatly improving processing speed.

  2. Column-Based Storage: Minimised disk I/O enhances efficiency by accessing only necessary data.

  3. On-Chip Cache Computing: Actian leverages on-chip cache for data processing, achieving speeds 100 times faster than traditional RAM-based processing.

  4. Efficient Compression: Compression within the CPU ensures maximum performance benefits.

  5. Parallel Execution: Data processing occurs in parallel, fully utilising all CPU components for optimised performance.

The partnership between Actian and the Revenue Commissioners in the Republic of Ireland exemplifies how cutting-edge technology can revolutionise a vital government agency’s operation. Through analytics, unified customer views, modernised infrastructure, and real-time insights, Actian has empowered Revenue to collect taxes more efficiently, reduce costs, and enhance services for taxpayers.

It’s a shining example of how innovation can drive efficiency and effectiveness in the public sector, ultimately benefiting both the government and its citizens.

About Actian:

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