DVLA pushes digital channel shift

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) is seeking to reduce costs by migrating more users to digital channels.

DVLA campaignThe DVLA has launched a new radio, social media and search engine campaign to help move customers online - highlighting the ease, speed and security of DVLA’s online services.

Millions of DVLA customers already use their online services each month - 98% of all taxed vehicles in the UK are taxed via their digital services.

However, according to the DVLA "lots" of customers continue to ignore digital channels and post their applications to the agency. Encouraging these customers to shift to digital channels rather than post their applications is critical to increase transaction efficiency.

The campaign promotes three key services, with the key message of ‘quick, easy and secure’ to remind customers of the benefits of using our online services "renew at 70", "renew photocard licence", and "tell DVLA you’ve bought/sold a vehicle".

The campaign launched highlighting the financial savings customers could have made if they had used DVLA’s online services instead of applying by paper. This was presented as one of the many benefits of transacting online, along with the ease, speed and security of DVLA's online services.

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