IPO pledges to 'up our game' with transformation programme

The Intellectual Property Office (IPO) intends to transform how it operates in order to make the UK the most innovative and creative country in the world, according to a new corporate report, published last week.

The 'Transformation Prospectus' sets out a 30-month plan to build the core services (Manage IP, Secure IP etc) which will form the foundation of IPO's future patents, trade marks and designs services.

Once that work has been completed, IPO will start to build their new patents service on this foundation. IPO expects the new patents service to be available to everyone in 2024. Trade marks and designs will be added in phase two of the programme.

Tim Moss - IPO"Our strategic ambition is to be the best IP office in the world. We know that our customers value our first-class culture and customer service, which already sets us apart. Our transformation programme is our pledge to up our game – to deliver excellent IP services that meet the needs of our customers," said Tim Moss, Chief Executive of IPO. "To achieve that we will not replicate what we do now, but completely transform the way we deliver services. This will not only result in more modern, flexible, digital services, but also opportunities to explore new services to help our customers protect, research and use their IP more effectively, reinforcing the UK’s place as a global innovation and IP leader."

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The IPO's transformation plans will improve public access to and delivery of IP services and deliver "a fast, flexible and high quality digital service" that removes barriers to innovation, and delivers the following benefits for users:

  • A single, integrated system for all IP rights. Users will be able to access all IPO services through one system, and manage all of their IP rights in one place.
  • A single online IPO account with convenient self-service features. Many tasks which are currently cumbersome and time-consuming will become much easier, including viewing the status of applications and updating personal /or business details.
  • Transformed services to be fully digital, quicker and easier to use. IPO services will be completely paper-free and provide the features and convenience that you would expect from a modern digital service. 
  • Collaboration and real-time advice. IPO will build on their reputation for customer service, by providing online chat, guidance and support features to support and collaborate with customers when and where they need it.
  • Customers will be able to easily research IP, with powerful analytics tools that will help them search, query, interpret and share data. IPO's data will be opened up so researchers, businesses and inventors can learn from and build upon the UK’s brightest ideas.
  • Make IPO a more effective and efficient organisation. This means being able to deploy new services that provide further benefits to customers - such as spending more time helping customers use and commercialise their IP, not just helping them protect their ideas.

The new patents service will be launched in 2024, followed by trade marks in 2025 and designs in 2026. IPO is moving their patents service onto the new system first, because it is in greater need of an update than trade marks or designs - and to achieve early quick wings that will create momentum throughout the programme.

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