IPO launches consultation on service transformation


The Government has launched a consultation on proposals for the legal changes needed to deliver the Intellectual Property Office’s ‘One IPO’ transformation programme.

The proposed changes will update the law and remove legal barriers, allowing the IPO to be more innovative and deliver world-class digital services. They will also address current inconsistencies between different IP rights.

Andy Bartlett Deputy CEO IPO"The One IPO transformation programme will bring the IPO into the 21st century. But changes to the law will be needed in order to achieve true digital transformation of our services," explained Andy Bartlett, IPO Deputy CEO. "Many of the laws that govern how the IPO operates were written for a paper-based world. Removing barriers that prevent us from being innovative means we can provide modern digital services."

He went on to stress that it was essential for the IPO to receive feedback to help shape the laws that will underpin these new services.

Responses to the consultation will help shape the laws underpinning the transformation programme, helping ensure the UK’s IP framework is fit to embrace the opportunities of the future.

There are two parts to the consultation – interested parties can respond to either or both:

  1. Part A focuses on proposed changes to the law to enable digital transformation of the IPO’s services. The IPO is seeking evidence and views on a range of options on how legislation could be altered to better support innovation.
  2. Part B focuses on proposed changes to improve the IPO’s tribunal function and align processes that should work in a similar way across rights.

The consultation is a key strand of the ‘One IPO’ transformation programme, which aims to provide a single, integrated system across all IP rights and vastly improved digital services.  


The IPO is seeking a range of evidence and views from businesses, representative organisations, and legal practitioners on proposals covering a wide range of areas, including.

The One IPO service will start being rolled out to the first patents customers a year from now. Trade marks and designs will be added in 2025.

Early details and demonstrations of the One IPO service have already been shared with customers for parts of the new service, including the new IPO customer accounts and the new patents application service.

However, changes in legislation, not just technology, are needed to allow the IPO to deliver best-in-class services and remain fit for the future.

"This is an opportunity for the UK IPO to develop its services and maintain its position as a world leading intellectual property office, ensuring that it can offer businesses and their representatives services covering intellectual property, patents, trade marks and designs, which take advantage of and embrace the many opportunities of the new digital world," commented CIPA President Alasdair Poore.

The consultation will last for 9 weeks, ending on Friday 6 January. More information about the consultation and how to respond is available on the consultation website.

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