Free digital advice service expands across Dorset

More people in Dorset can now access free technical advice thanks to the expansion of Dorset Council’s volunteer digital champion service.

Since Covid restrictions were lifted, the council’s volunteer digital champions have gradually resumed their face-to-face advice sessions.

From this Autumn the volunteer champions are available at 13 centres across Dorset. In addition, the council’s Digital Hotline phone service is open five mornings a week for anyone who would like help over the phone.

Dorset Council’s deputy leader, Cllr Peter Wharf, said: “Our volunteer digital champions did an amazing job helping people throughout the pandemic via the Digital Hotline. The hotline is a fantastic service but you cannot beat face to face help and showing people in person how to get around their technical problems. I’d like to thank our fantastic team of volunteers who are giving up their valuable time to help all of us make the most of this digital world we now live in.”

The digital advice service at libraries and community centres has proved popular with aged residents.

Dawn Devenish can now take more advantage of all her iPad has to offer, thanks to the help she received: “My 'digital champion' was not only knowledgeable he was also patient and good at judging how best to communicate with my digitally illiterate mind. I was delighted with the help I received, connecting me successfully to the digital world.”

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