Infographic: A Blueprint for Public Sector Organisations of the Future

What culture, capabilities and processes do public sector organisations need to prioritise to deliver effective outcomes for citizens - now and in the future? We asked our community of public sector leaders to share their insights, visualised here in an infographic.

Blueprint for Public Sector Organisations (2)

Risk tolerant

Accepts an element of risk in pursuit of innovation

Investor in skills

Values staff progression and development

Values data

Prioritises evidence-based policy decisions

Flexible working model

Allows staff to choose work locations and patterns that suit their lives

Digitally capable workforce

Empowers all staff to fulfil technical capabilities


Values user-centred design as a priority

Technology roadmap

Keeps pace with the tech market


Committed to information sharing with public and partners

Open and collaborative

Values partnership projects with other public sector bodies

Diverse procurement

Welcomes emerging suppliers as well as legacy providers

Open to innovation

Welcomes challenges to established processes

Rapid decision-making

Capable of responding to a volatile environment

Inclusive recruitment

Builds teams with diverse skills and backgrounds to unlock innovation

Community engaged

Involves its population in decision making for service delivery

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