Home Office moves HR services to the cloud

The Home Office has transferred HR, payroll and employee analytics services into the cloud as part of its ongoing transformation agenda for its team of 35,000 employees.

Jill Hatcher - Home Office

“The Home Office is one of the largest and most complex government departments in the UK to have successfully migrated all of its finance, commercial, HR and payroll footprint to the cloud," said Jill Hatcher, Chief People Officer with the Home Office. 

"This programme has charted the path for other departments to build on our collective experience. This go-live is a critical step in delivering business technology that is more user-centric and allows the Home Office to continually evolve,” added Hatcher.

The implementation is part of Project Metis, an initiative between the Home Office and Government Shared Services (GSS) which is looking to develop a blueprint for moving business processes to the cloud that can be re-used by other government departments.

The Government is now hoping the move will lead to increased productivity and reduced costs at a time when there has never been greater pressure on government resources, with the pandemic also leading many organisations to migrate their work to the cloud.

The Home Office has built on its initial implementation of Oracle Fusion Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for finance, by additionally  rolling-out Oracle Fusion Cloud Human Capital Management (HCM) for HR including payroll, and Oracle Fusion Cloud Customer Experience (CX) for service and support. 

Fujitsu, SSCL and Accenture were involved in the creation and delivery of the solution, as well as ensuring all of the elements went live successfully and in a co-ordinated manner. 

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