COP26 World Climate Summit to discuss role of technology in de-risking climate change

Critical event management vendor Everbridge has announced a partnership with the COP26 World Climate Summit to present on the contributions of national early public warning solutions and critical event management technology to unlocking resilience as a climate adaptation measure.

Everbridge’s technology supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 13 and 17 by bridging the last mile of the Hydromet chain for public safety organisations, aiding the UN’s efforts to ensure that ‘by 2025 all countries have the capability for effective, authoritative emergency alerting.’

Everbridge endorsed the collective efforts of the International Federation Of Red Cross And Red Crescent Societies, International Telecommunication Union and World Meteorological Organisation as part of the 'Call to Action on Emergency Alerting'.

Dr John Maeda and Chief Communications Officer Jessica Deckinger will showcase global examples of the critical advantages of software technology for minimising loss and damage as organisations adapt to extreme climate events.

At COP26 in Glasgow, Everbridge executives will discuss how data-driven indicators and software communications can unlock organisational resilience by helping to identify risk at a hyper-local level, warn people of extreme climate threats, and reduce loss and damage to governments and business.

In line with the Hydromet Gap Report 2021 (from 8 July, 2021), by The Alliance for Hydromet Development “the rapid advances in technology such as the next-generation smart hybrid public warning systems which combine cell broadcast and location-based SMS with situational awareness allow governments to give specific messages to target populations located in the area before, during, and after a disaster.”

Dr Maeda will share insights related to Everbridge’s support of governments, helping to ensure the public safety of citizens, and how corporate leaders from insurance, retail, healthcare and others actively plan for enterprise resilience.

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