Scottish Government launches online resource to help build data literacy

The Scottish Government has released an online learning resource to help build data literacy across the public sector. 

Getting Started with Data’ has been developed with the Digital Office for Scottish Local Government and Perth and Kinross Council.

The resource, which is available for integration into learning management systems, was initially developed for local authorities but can be applied to other settings across the public and third sectors.

It contains guidance for learners to help them describe why information is important to their role and organisation; what different types of data is used within an organisation; and how their actions can create good or bad data.

The resource was created through a steering group established in January to consider how to scale the delivery of data literacy skills, based on work that had already been established by Perth and Kinross Council. Effini and DataLab were contracted to help evaluate and develop the resource.  

Tom Wilkinson, Chief Data Officer at the Scottish Government, said “This has been a great opportunity to work collaboratively with the Scottish Digital Academy, the Digital Office for Local Government and Perth and Kinross Council.

"The learning resource addresses an urgent need across the Scottish Public Sector and is part of an overall strategy to help build data skills capability and realise the value of data sharing and reuse in Scotland.”

Long-term plan

The Scottish Digital Academy is also preparing to launch a series of work packages, which will enable a more cohesive approach to digital capability. Each package contains a number of projects and deliverables which are intended to help find, manage, and develop capability. 

This is a long-term programme with the first iterations launching later this year, and further developments expected in 2024.

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