Regulator of Social Housing plans £1.5m upgrade of data collection

Following a review, the Regulator of Social Housing (RSH) has begun work to procure a replacement for its NROSH+ data collection portal.

Registered providers of social housing use NROSH+ to submit financial and statistical survey data to RSH. The data collected through the portal is critical in allowing RSH to assess risks, tailor its engagement and ensure standards compliance.

RSH is looking for a data collection system that improves and replaces its current NROSH+ application. The contractor will be required to develop, test, deploy, host, support and maintain the replacement data collection system, which will be used by the organisation to meet its existing and potential future data requirements, allowing RSH to fulfil its role as a regulatory body in the most effective manner.

The £1.5 million budget is based on the maximum term of the system development and support contract, being 8 years in total.

RSH has now published its contract notice and pre-qualification questions, commencing the formal procurement process to find a supplier to deliver the new system. 

RSH aims to be in a 5-year renewable contract with a preferred supplier by April 2022, where the system will be developed and built before a planned implementation in 2023. The existing system is expected to remain in place until at least March 2023.

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