Creating engagement and accountability around sustainability

The latest Greener Government report has found that 66% of DDaT leaders see reaching sustainability targets as a 'tick-box exercise' - rather than a driver of value. 

While many admit that other aspects of their role are a higher priority (61%), there’s a sense that they’re not compelled or supported to contribute more towards sustainability. 

Against this backdrop, report explores the role that behaviour change tools and techniques play in helping to incentivise more sustainable practices and create a culture of engagement and accountability. 

Engagement and accountability

The report highlights a number of strategies currently being taken by departments to move Net Zero from being just a box ticking exercise to a value driver.

These include providing junior and new staff training in sustainable work practices and making sustainable options more accessible to employees. For example, by promoting low-carbon employee transport options. 

Terry Makewell of UKHO, believes Net Zero actions, and the culture surrounding it, must cascade from the top down: “The key to success is engagement and accountability at the top. Build expertise and
understanding across the organisation to deliver against a business plan, but also constantly review where you are, what you’re doing, and ensure these processes are core and not carried out in silos."

The report also found that developing a common language around sustainability goals will also help to incentivise co-ordinated change across government by ensuring that government officials are clear on the purpose of the sustainable changes they’re making. 

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