Flemish Government signs 7-year government transformation deal

As the volume of transactions increases with more consumer-driven demands for information, the regional administration in Belgium is looking to lower total costs and improve mainframe operations, security, performance, capacity and processing efficiency.

Barbara Van Den Haute, Administrator-General at the Flemish Government“We are focused on the modernisation of our public services,” said Barbara Van Den Haute, Administrator-General at the Flemish Government. “We are striving to push forward, together, our IT transformation to develop innovative projects that will improve, simplify, and accelerate our services for citizens, businesses, and associations; should they be related to health, environmental or economic issues.”

The contract with DXC builds on an 18 year commercial relationship, and covers building, running and operating modern application services in a hybrid cloud infrastructure for the Flemish Government.

According to Van Den Haute, the goal is to simplify the work of the public sector and support the government to provide efficient, safe and easy-to-use digital public services, re-imagine the customer experience for citizens and businesses, and deliver more effectively on the public’s needs.

The contract extension is an opportunity for DXC to continue to deliver excellence and build on recent successful projects that Flanders citizens really care about such as the “Corona Hinderpremie” for processing payment claims as well as “Vaccinnet”, a programme for ordering vaccines in the health sector which DXC supported with training and user adoption to ensure a timely launch.

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