New AI Taskforce set up to deliver better public services

The Department for Science, Innovation and Technology (DSIT) has announced £100 million in start-up funding for an expert AI Taskforce to deliver better public services. 

The new body will focus on developing the responsible use of AI to grow the UK’s economy, whilst generating better outcomes for citizens across the country through better public services. 

Research suggests that the broad adoption of this technology could triple national productivity growth rates. As such, the Taskforce will focus on leveraging the transformative potential of AI while developing reliable frameworks to build public trust.

This comes as emerging technology like ChatGPT have raised concerns, highlighting the importance of retaining public confidence in its use. 

The AI taskforce, which is modelled on the Covid-19 Vaccines Taskforce, will bring together government and industry experts and report directly to the Prime Minister and Technology Secretary.

A chair is expected to be announced in late Summer. While the appointment is ongoing, Matt Clifford, Chair of the Advanced Research and Innovation Agency, will advise the Prime Minister and Technology Secretary on the development of the taskforce.

Seizing AI opportunities 

Science, Innovation and Technology Secretary Michelle Donelan said: “We need to act now to seize the opportunities AI can offer us in the future. We’re backing our expert taskforce with the funding to make our ambitions for an AI-enabled country a reality and keep the UK at the front of the pack in this emerging technology.

“To ensure such leadership, the greatest capability we can develop is in the safety and reliability of such systems. This will ensure that the public and business have the trust they need to confidently adopt this technology and fully realise its benefits. That is exactly what this taskforce will prioritise.”

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