How Actian enables the government data agenda

I have worked at Actian for over 15 years where we have partnered with UK government departments and local government to provide application development and database software. We're focused on simplifying how people connect, manage, and analyse their data.

These public sector partnerships range from the gathering of data and the production of reports for the Office for National Statistics; supporting the records and reporting systems for The Scottish Qualification Authority as well as managing numerous systems in His Majesty’s Revenues and Custom. Actian also assists Capita in their production of their Revenues and Benefits suite which is run by over 150 local authorities across the UK.

Helping departments improve processes

I have sometimes seen government departments wanting to innovate but be held back by budget limitations and changing strategic direction. And I think we have all witnessed some longterm government projects become derailed when new and more urgent directives arise or when there are political changes.

Projects can very easily become convoluted or even cancelled before completion. Sometimes change is even introduced just for its own the sake - such as bringing in new technology when it fundamentally doesn’t improve the existing stack. 

In that time I've see that there is so much potential to improve processes and results within the public sector, through new application development and database technologies. As a result I am always happy to make myself available to advise on best practices, support roadmap discussions and deliver technical training through ad hoc workshops as well as official product training.  

Actian certainly brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the data management and data integration space.

Since the dawn of database management technologies and for more than 50 years, Actian has been and continues to be an innovator in this industry - for example, we were the first vendor to build an Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) in the cloud, long before these types of acronyms became mainstream.

Our hybrid technologies run both On-Premises as well as in the Cloud enabling customers to set their own pace on their journey to the cloud with Actian supporting every step of the way.

Enabling the efficiency agenda

Our hybrid data integration and data management solutions are based on years of being an enterprise innovator. The ease of deployment and the user experience has allowed government departments to run and maintain their systems with a lean support team, and decreasing total cost of ownership. 

The reliability and ease of use of Actian solutions makes it easier to expand into new data management, data integration and data analytics projects as the benefits will quickly become tangible.

Our patented technology has enabled us to maintain a 10-20X performance edge against competitors large and small in the mission-critical data management market. 

Ultimately, we are here to helping government organisations build a bridge to a data-defined future - and we do this by delivering scaleable cloud technologies while protecting customers’ investments in existing platforms.

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