Geospatial Commission calls for evidence to identify location data opportunities

The Geospatial Commission has launched a Call for Evidence that urges stakeholders to contribute to the government’s evolving strategy to accelerate the UK’s use of location data.

Thalia Baldwin (Presentation (169))"Location data and technologies are fundamental to how our economy and society functions today," explained Geospatial Commission Director, Thalia Baldwin. "They provide live information for individuals on travel, exercise and deliveries, and support long term decisions for organisations on where to invest and build, such as electric vehicle charge-points. Demand is increasing and innovative applications of location data are vast."

Baldwin invited any interested person, business or organisation to submit their ideas.

In 2020, the Geospatial Commission published an ambitious five year strategy aimed at unlocking the value of location data and technology in the UK. The strategy committed to a mid-point refresh in order to remain relevant and focused in its priorities.

Location data already unlocks significant economic value and can address a multitude of challenges across sectors. We have seen the core geospatial ecosystem in the UK grow from £2 billion in 2009 to £6 billion in 2018, an average annual growth rate of 10% for that period.

Baroness Neville-Rolfe"Location data is driving economic growth and unlocking innovation - from the mapping of underground pipes and cables to drone-enabled deliveries," explained Baroness Neville-Rolfe, Cabinet Office Minister. 

The Call for Evidence, which runs until Monday 12th December, is the next step in the UK’s strategy development to allow the government to hear more about the latest geospatial market context: the challenges, proven successes and potential opportunities such as the role of location data in hybrid reality - the geoverse. Responses will help to define and update the strategy’s priorities, in alignment with the wider geospatial ecosystem as it matures.

According to the Commission, the opportunities that come from geospatial tools and applications reach across the UK economy - which goes to explain why  the Government is urging stakeholders from all industries to respond, and comment on opportunities and barriers for the use of location data.

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