Stockport open data portal to drive evidence-based decision-making

‘The Big Stockport Picture’ brings together data published by organisations from across the Borough and is designed to help with local transparency, aid collaboration and to build products and services that benefit Stockport citizens.

The volume and variety of data on the The Big Stockport Picture portal will continue to grow as new datasets are added and published. 

Councillor David Sedgwick, Cabinet Member for Citizen Focus and Engagement"Good data is the key to ensuring the council and our partners can design services that meet the needs of residents," said Councillor David Sedgwick, Cabinet Member for Citizen Focus and Engagement. "This new data collaboration will ensure that we all have access to real information about Stockport’s population that would not normally be accessible. Information on demographics, health needs, skills and education outcomes, infrastructure and environmental impacts, community engagement and more."

"This will enable decision-making based on real evidence and help us all to design inclusive 21st century services and products that meet the needs of the people currently living in Stockport. It will also help us to measure the outcomes and our success in achieving the ambitions of the Borough Plan, ensuring services remain relevant and fit for the future," he added.

The Big Stockport Picture is part of One Stockport, an initiative conceived by Stockport Council to build a better future for everyone by connecting communities, promoting health and well-being and supporting local businesses.

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