Is there press coverage at the Summit?

There is no reporting on the private conversations that take place at our Discussion Tables.

As the event is organised by Government Transformation Magazine, we will have members of our editorial team in attendance to conduct scheduled interviews. NB. They will not be joining the Discussion Tables.

Furthermore, the conference is organised under the Chatham House Rule - that everything shared during the course of the day is non-attributable.

In fact, we take an extra step - where something is willingly shared with a member of our own editorial team (no other publications are permitted at this closed door event) we allow you to review any resulting article prior to publication, to make any amends you see fit.

We exist to support the work of you, your team and the wider public sector; our publication will never publish something against your will that undercuts this mission.

Want to be interviewed?

Sam BirchallWe're always very happy to talk to public sector executives to learn more about the work of their team, with a view to sharing what's working, what's been learned, and what's coming next with our readership (as of August 2022 40,806 unique monthly sessions).

Please contact our Senior Journalist, Sam Birchall, to discuss opportunities to share your insights.

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