Diversity & inclusion

Building a broad and inclusive community of practice is very important to us - so please help.

20.01_Dice_Stamp_certififed_recommended_1_1We want all of our conferences to reflect the diversity of the Civil Service - and to showcase role models that will encourage the broadest range of future leaders to bring their best selves to public service.
This is why we were the first government conference in the UK to go through the Diversity and Inclusion in Conferences and Events certification process.

You have to see it to be it

If there is someone in your team that would benefit from, and contribute to, the conversations - please do get them to apply for either of our upcoming Summits:
  • Join us for Government Data Summit (30 March 2023) - Nominate
  • Join us for Government Transformation Summit (11 May 2023)

Code of conduct

In order to create a safe space for professionals to share ideas and challenge received opinion we have guidelines for Tolerance and a clearly-defined Anti-Harassment policy.