Apply to join a Summit

How is my application processed, and what happens next?

First of all, thanks for your interest! Click 'Apply to Join' at the top right of our Summit web site - either Government Data Summit (30th March) or Government Transformation Summit (11th May) - and then from the acknowledgement email (if you can't find the email check your spam folder), please book time for an 'Orientation Call' with our (very friendly) Conference Production team.

Orientation Call

Our Summits are discreet, closed-door conferences where senior public servants are able to come together to discuss current areas of focus, and emergent issues. To ensure that everyone involved has a great experience, we run a 15-minute 'Orientation Call' with all applicants looking to attend our Summits.

These Orientation Calls are run by some of the friendliest, most positive people you'll ever meet - and we will cover:

  1. Conference Format - it's not your typical 'death-by-slide deck', and we want to make sure you understand what we're trying to achieve, and that this format will work for you.
  2. Conference Focus & Outcomes - we always love catching up with our friends in the public sector, but our Summits are designed to enable specific outcomes that we can document and share more broadly with our public sector community. 
  3. Confidentiality - we may be a magazine publisher, but we want to make sure you understand that the conference is a secure environment for candid discussions. We will only ever publish what has been explicitly shared with us 'on the record' - and even then, we'll make sure you have a right to review/edit prior to publication. 
  4. What you're looking to get out of the Summit - everything you share with us in this Orientation Call is off-the-record and intended to help the organisers understand the motivations of our audience better, so that we can create a positive environment on the day of the event, and continue to improve our Summits in future.
  5. Dietary requirements - we work closely with our venue partners to ensure that there are options for as wide a range of dietary preferences as feasible. This includes vegan menu items, and clear description of allergens in the food. If you have specific dietary requirements, please make them known to us and we will do what we can to accommodate them.

Book early to avoid disappointment; diversity; outcomes

Gov X-169Numbers are capped at 150 participants in total, to ensure that everyone at a Summit has an equal opportunity to get involved in our Discussion Tables.

We welcome applications from under-represented groups as we seek to create a diverse and inclusive space* for discussing the future of the Civil Service - and how we get there.

At the end of the event, you’ll be invited to share your key takeaways for inclusion in our post-event Summit Playbook (which can be credited to you, or submitted anonymously) - creating a resource for our wider reader community, and your team.

*In 2020 we were the first public sector conference in the UK to get industry-recognised certification by Diversity & Inclusion at Conferences and Events (DICE).20.01_Dice_Stamp_certififed_recommended_1_1